Friday, 21 November 2014

Well where has the year gone

So my last post was in February when I was on the road to recovery after my fall and when I was feeling quite optimistic about getting back to normal. Sadly that hasnt been the case and almost a year after the accident I have been discharged by physio as this is as good as its gonna get.  I know that in the grand scheme having limited use of my arm isnt the end of the world but as I have always been extremely self reliant this new phase of my life has been hard to adjust to.  Sadly my arm refuses to go round my back now nor can I raise it and use it to put up my hair without the pain becoming very intense. I did have my hair cut short at the beginning of the year but told myself I would get back to being able to straighten it when it grew again. Its not happening so I will have to give in gracefully and find a new me.

Crafting hasnt been the pleasure it used to be either because of the injury and I confess to having done very little this year apart from a few projects for family. But I have realised I miss this part of my life and am now determined to make time to craft and to take the obligatory pain killers which I hate taking  but being able to craft again will help me to get back to me as it were.  So when an old work colleague asked if I still made those personal cards I resisted the urge to say no and asked instead for her to drop off details of what she wanted. It turned out she wanted a 40th card for her son who loves running, cycling in the hilly countryside and dogs and she wanted a humerous card. So I dug down deep and hiding away I found a little of my mojo and a card was born. It may not be my finest work and I quite literally put it off until the last day to make it but I got there in the end and she was happy with the result.

What it did show me was just how much the accident has affected my confidence in all aspects of my life, something I would have laughed at if someone had said it had happened to them.  I never truly believed the fall would do this to me and then I never wanted to admit how badly it has affected me. But I have slowly come to realise I cannot change how I am feeling overnight I must take small steps and get back to me. So when I am off work in december I WILL visit the hairdresser and explain my limitations and take their advice. I know the long hair I love will have to go but if that is what it takes then it has to happen.

So that's the end of my self obsessed ramblings.  I will not promise to blog daily or even weekly as I rashly did back in February but I will TRY to blog more often and hopefully it will be more cheerful than todaus effort and craft related because after all that is why the blog began. Hopefully my mojo has decided to return on a more frequent basis which will mean the posts may happen.

And just to prove my mojo hasn't left me permanently here is the 40th card.  

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