Saturday, 13 October 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Good Afternoon bloggers.  Thought while I was on the laptop I would add another post to my blog.  If you have seen some of my older posts you will know that I get some odd requests for birthday cards and love to add my twist to them.  Last month I was asked if I could make a 21st card for a colleagues son.  She had scoured the shops for something that was "him" but had no luck so asked if I could help.  I asked her what her son liked and was told Fast Cars.  She said they were taking a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday so I though I would take that as my lead.  And below is the result.

As there was a lot going on in the card I opted to use one of my extra large card blanks A3 in size. I added a large piece of blue spotted card to the front to leave a white border and then I printed the Las Vegas Strip night scene onto card and added that.  My next task was to source the fast cards - they came courtesy of La Pashe from The Big One CD Rom.  I chose the three cars and then arranged them as though they were driving out of the strip.  I found the Welcome To Las Vegas sign vis Google Images and printed and added to the top of the card.  Next it was the poker chips - a quick look on Google Images and I found just what I was looking for so I printed out a selection in white, red, green and black.  I added letters to some of the chips to spell out Happy Birthday and fixed these to the bottom of the card and then added peel off number 21's in silver to the remainder of the poker chips and fixed them randomly to the top of the card at both sides.  And voila - a 21st card finished.

I liked the end result but more importantly the card made it to Las Vegas intact and the recipient loved it.  And quite a coincidence but his girlfriend had arranged for him to have a driving experience while they were there as part of his birthday present - the car being his dream car an Aston Martin - one of the three I had chosen to put on the card without knowing he has this on his wish list to own.  Well until he can get the full size version he has a decoupage one.

Thanks again for looking.


  1. Great card, Jacqui. That's what I love about making them, you can really tailor them to the recipient. It sounds like this one was perfect. x

  2. Great card!! And how perfect for the lucky recipient. :)