Friday, 13 April 2012

Milestone birthdays and a new Wag on the block

I can't remember when my love of card making really took hold but I think it was when I began to realise just how personal I could make my cards so that those who received them wouldn't have another like mine sitting on their mantlepiece.

This year is one of those special years for my oldest friends and myself, its our 50th birthday year but quite a few of the family and friends also have 40th and 60th birthdays.  So for these occassions I do try to make the cards even more special.  Apologies for the first picture, I was in a rush to get these to my oldest and dearest friend for her 50th and so didnt really take the best of pictures but I think yiou can get what I was trying to achieve.

The top card was made for my daughters to give to Andrea - she always was and remains a staunch Bay City Rollers fanatic and so what else could I do but the Flippin Roller card for her.  One the front of the card I put the verses from her favourite Bay City Roller Song and when you opened the card there was a concert scene so it looked like the fan was right at the front of the open air audience.  Below that is a cupcake book I made from myself - in her spare time she makes novelty and celebration cakes - so this papermania chipboard book was perfect.  I decorated each inside page with lovely bright coloured papers and stamped with mini cupcakes.  For the front I used my hougie board to score white flower printed cardstock to resemble a cupcake wrapper.  I covered the top of the shape in puffy stuff and before drying it with the heat tool to get the "puff" I sprinkled it with glitter so that it sparkled.  Once puffed up I then topped off the cupcake with a cherry on the top - a small plastic ball sliced in half and coloured with a red promarker and fixed in plce with silicone glue.  That just left the 50 which I put on the wrapper and some lovely pastel ribbons and fake pearl strings on the book rings and the book was finished.

I also began a scrapbook for her - assisted by her two daughters who borrowed some family photos for me.  She loved both the cards, the scrapbook reduced her to tears and laughter - well 46 years of friendship means I know more than a few of the skeletons in her cupboard - but she said she had never received such a beautiful present and sorry but the scrapbook even beat the early surprise birthday present I had given her the year before - a trip to see her second favourite band - Take That on the opening night of their tour.  Well she is my oldest and dearest friend and you cannot put a price on that.

The card above was for a 40th, the love of this ladies life being Ronaldo.  As she is a quivering wreck at the mere sight of him on tv and frequently dreams of being a little closer than a tv screen,  her birthday card had to make one dream come true - well at least on a card lol.  I decided to make an 8 x 8 twisted easel card and found some beautiful classy flower and scroll backing papers to cover the card.  Then it was off to the internet to find the perfect pic of Ronaldo and I found it - the man himself giving all his affection to a football trophy.  So edit out the trophy, replace it with a picture of his adoring new "Wag" and voila - her dream come true - being on the receiving end of Ronaldo's lips.  I cut out the image of them both and fixed to large tag cut with my Grand Calibur (before it died), then added another larger label dusted with red to match the mirror card that picked up on the red in the flowers on the backing paper.  To keep the card upright I cut a ribbon border, threaded red ribbon to decorate and attached it to the card.  The final touch was a scalloped cicle die cut with a sentiment from the Wishing on a Star cd - Dreams do come true.  Well at least in my craft room they can lol.

The lady loes the card and for a moment she could feel like a Wag.  One birthday wish kind of fulfilled.

Thanks again for looking, hope you enjoy the cards.

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