Monday, 9 April 2012

Kitchen Renovations stop posts

Apologies for being away for so long but after 3 years of it sitting in the garage my new kitchen is finally being installed.  The past few weeks havent been without some drama and crisis but we are finally getting there.  One side of the kitchen is almost completed and hopefully this week the other side will be installed and I will finally have my new kitchen.  I wont say dream because my dream kitchen would be twice the size of the one I have now with a cooking island in the middle and more storage space than Ikea.  But once done this will be my dream kitchen in the house I live in until I win the euromillions lol.

I did have some excitement in the last few weeks - which probably shows how sad my life has been during kitchengate - I was one of the weekly draw winners on Sue Wilson's Blog.  I was so excited when I saw my name there you would have thought I had won the euromillions.

Anyway yesterday brought me back down to earth with a bang - my grand calibur died and it was only 4 months old.  To say I am bereft is an understatement - I had been merrily cutting a dirth of accents, motifs, flowers and leaves and as I got the the last set the handle stopped turning mid cut.  I managed to wind it backwards to get the plates out of the machine and there was a lovely half cut set of shapes and now the machine makes a terrible noise when I turn the handle.  I think the gears have gone and of course it is the bank holiday so no way of getting it sorted until next week.  Withdrawal symptoms are already setting in, thank god I have my big shot - I now just have to find out how I sandwich my spellbinders in it.  Thats the lesson for later today.

But undeterred I decided to see what I could come up with without the grand.  I decided to try my hand at homemade zipper roses.  I took a 6" black metal zip and a 16" nylon dress zip, snipped off the end stops, removed the tag and that gave me two lengths of zip.  I added a strip of 9mm extra strength double sided tape to the none zip edge and began rolling as you do for the ribbon roses.  Now the following pictures arent the best quality but I think you will agree that the results arent bad.

While the metal zips give a more dramatic impact, the nylon zips have a lovely texture to them so tomorrow I will see about adding them to a card or two.

The number of baby cards I have been making would lead anyone to think there had been a national strike around nine or ten months ago.  Most have been for boys, the odd baby girl has put in an appearance as well as a set of twins and as all the cards were requested by work colleagues making them all individual, especially when they request the same image or stamp, can get challenging.  But I do try to give them what they want and make each card special for that person so no two are ever alike even if the same image is used.  (Apologies for the card pictures that are in an earlier post, I just uploaded the whole baby file instead of single pics).

Well it is getting very late or should that be early so I will sign off for now but will be back later to post some more images of some of my recent birthday creations.

Thank you for looking and if you like what you see and think others would then please let them know where to find me.

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