Sunday, 26 February 2012

Inspired by Dips

Inspired by some beautiful and details tutorials by a fellow Crafter known to us as Dips I spent quite a bit of time yesterday in my craft room creating personalised hatpins and ribbon flowers.  I went into Hull on Friday and managed to pick up a few of the teardrop hatpins and then headed into the student shopping heaven, Primani, and went straight to the jewellery displays.  Exit with a set of crystal bracelets for £4, a set of four diamante earings for £2 and some large faux pearl earings for a £1 and I was all set.

Apolgies for the abismal photo taking, the pics always look so much better on my phone. 

Anyway I am quite hooked, the flowers got better the more I made, the yellow one at the front was the first and at that point I was having trouble getting to grips with the pleating and wrapping but the more I did, the more relaxed I got and the better and more open the flowers.  I used hatpins and the earings for the centres - will be heading back for more of the diamante earings, I love those black flowers with the bling centre. 

Then it was onto the hat pins.  I snipped the elastic on the bracelets and put the beads on a beading mat to stop them going everywhere and away I went.  I already had some large white 3 bead hatpins so they got a bit of bling added, as did the teardrop ones.  Then I got inventive and used some gold jewellery headpins on the ones laid on the mat.  48 decorated hatpins later I stopped, but I still have enough beads to do at least that many again. 

Next week it is the local Hobbies fair and my friend, who ran her own jewellery making business until she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, will be there selling off many beads at half price (I know cos she has given me the heads up).  I will be going for a good old rummage and hope to get some more bling and headpins and have another afternoon just making hatpins up lol.  Ok, off now to find a good cheap supplier for extra strong tape as I used nearly all mine yesterday making the flowers.

Many thanks to Dips and if you want to see how the flowers and haptins are done in then take a look at her blog -  You wont be disappointed but I warn you, her tutorials are so easy to follow you will become addicted - I have.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

A passion for fairies

These are just a few of the cards made, as you can see I had a bit of a twisted easel theme going on but the decoupage and toppers really lent themselves to this style of card.  They were finished off with a few flower embellishments, some fancy brads and then packed up and off to the hospital where I work to sell for charity.

The mummy we are waiting for to deliver baby had her birthday yesterday and so I made a large birthday card for my friend, her mum, to give her.  My friend wanted something a little special as, of course, everyone is eagerly awaiting the baby and because this is the first birthday since her dad passed away last October.  So courtesty of another Debi Moore design, this time from the Venetian range, some grand nestie mats, hat pins, a bit of bling and flowers I came up with this.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Arent I a bad blogger

I cannot believe it was the end of September when I last blogged - time really does go so fast.  My only excuse is that I have been mega busy with work, uni, the family and the occassional spell of crafting.  And with that in mind I thought I would add a couple of pics of some actual crafting I have done.

First off the block some of my Paint Fusion creations, I have actually managed to keep some of them for myself .  The first one is my Paint Fusion box - I originally got this box from QVC full of wood mounted stamps and quickly removed the stamps from the blocks.  The box was used for all sorts until I got my Paint Fusion goodies and it was perfect for storing those so of course it had to be painted.  I gave the box lid a crackle finish and then decorated with poppies, a butterfly and a few bees and finished with a coat of spray and shine to protect it.  And Im rather proud of it as this was my first attempt at the Poppies.

I also decided to try my hand at Sweat Peas and decorated a hanging sign for my craft room door - not that it will stop me from being disturbed lol.  Again I used a crackle background and then painted sweat peas in vivid pink and added Craft Room in copper peel offs for the finishing touch.

On the card making front it has been babies all the way for friends recently and all of them boys.  Above are a few of the new baby cards - still have three to do as the next friends new arrival is due today so as soon as baby is here safe and well and we know who it is I can get on with the next lot of baby cards.

And finally a couple of retirement cards that I was asked to make for two very special ladies who were lucky enough to get early retirement from the hospital where I work - not that Im at all envious of them.  But they were really loved work colleagues and so of course everyone thought someone else had asked me to make the cards.  Good job im psychic and just got on with them without asking lol.  I have a love affair with the acetate butterlies at the moment, just love glittering them and watching them come to life.

Well thats it for now - will be back later as Im in the middle of a fairy marathon so will post a few pics when they are finished.