Friday, 30 September 2011

Our Babies

 This is Lily, the Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross who is creating mayhem and havoc in the house but dont we just love every minute of it.  She is an absolute character who has already decided she is the boss - she just has to convince Patch and Smurf now - but she's working on it.
 Patch is my eldest daughter's Jack Russell - and she was rescued two years ago.  She was in a bit of a mess when she came to us but with lots of TLC she soon made a full recovery and we now can't imagine life without her.
And this beautiful character is my Cocker Spaniel, Smurf.  He was a present to my mum on her last birthday, he was the runt of the litter from my brother's two cocker spaniels (so tiny hence the name Smurf) and Mum helped to hand rear him so he couldnt leave us.  Sadly a few months later mum passed away and so Smurf  became my dog (Mum lived with me).   Although it has been more than two years, he still goes to mum's chair and sits there patiently waiting for her to return.  Sadly despite being the male he is totally soft and gives in to Patch and Lily at every turn.

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